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Who is NEO HEMP Company?

NEO HEMP COMPANY is a diverse group of thoughtful people who decided we can make a positive difference in others lives. We have seen first hand how well the plant helps the body spirit & mind, and now we want to help others. The potential of helping ten of thousands of people keeps us motivated.

We are going to take you into the hemp industry, to learn, and to know your source of clean quality hemp derived products. We work direct with licensed farmers who farm organically to provide the hemp for extracting the hemp oils. Our oils are combined with only one other natural ingredient to maintain natural formulation, best for your body.

What We Do

Sustainable Farming

We work directly with licensed farmers who farm organically & sustainably to provide the hemp we use in our extraction process. 

Quality hemp oil

We start with good genetics chosen from trusted genetics companies, then organic farming practices are followed, and then we extract the oils containing the beneficial cannabinoids & terpenes.

community building

NHC is building a community of health through direct service to those who need it.  We take the support you provide NHC and sponsor those people who need help and maybe can’t afford it. 

Pass it forward (PIF)

Our goal is to provide 10,000+ Veterans and others who need a source of clean quality hemp-derived oil each month for ongoing, consistent relief.

Meet the founder, Paul Peterson

Growing up on a small farm I was taught the importance of clean growing practices.  After hearing so much about the organic processes in the Northwest and the need to continue the pursuit of clean growing practices, I moved to Oregon and got involved in the Hemp industry. Many in the Hemp industry use chemicals to grow the fastest and biggest.  That is not what I am about or want in the products I use or promote. 

The challenge to find the Organic Hemp I needed for my products took many days, which turned into months, to find.  Finally, I was able to find a great team of farmers that grow herbicide and pesticide-free Hemp and follow organic practices.  Inevitably, I chose them to work with me to develop a clean supply chain from their farm to the lab, in the formulation of the Hemp oil drops as well, so everyone that uses the products can rest assure they are using clean quality products that will help and rejuvenate their body, mind, and spirit.

Our Story

Our Approach


Growing up on a small farm, Paul realized early on the importance of clean growing practices. When he got involved in the hemp industry, he felt the need to continue the pursuit of clean growing practices.  That is why we only farm organic hemp, and provide your source for a better quality of life.

Better Quality of Life

NHC’s mission is to do our part in helping reduce stress, anxiety, and pain by offering the purest and most potent hemp oil possible.  Reducing stress and physical pain leads to a better quality of life, so that you can enjoy each day to the fullest. 

Pass it Forward (PIF)

Whether you are purchasing our products for yourself or sponsoring someone in need, you can feel confident that you will only the highest quality hemp oil products 

Our Mission

NEO HEMP COMPANY’s primary goal is to help people reduce the stressors of anxiety, depression, ptsd, & physical pain so they gain a better quality of life. Our goal is to provide 10,000+ Veterans and others who need a source of clean quality hemp derived oil each month consistently they can depend on.

NHC provides transparency to you as a direct source of quality hemp products to those who need it. And the best part is, we do all the work since you have already done so much.

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